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How to find your screen prolem position

  Today, LED displays have become a part of people’s lives.Streets and alleys, square stations, you can see a variety of LED electronic displays of various sizes and shapes.It is a systematic project integrating optical, structural mechanics, electronics and computer science.According to statistics, 90% of LED displays have large or small faults.To this end, we summarize the main reasons for these failures,I believe that with these, we can control the generation of faults from the source and improve the quality of the display.

The main factors causing LED display failure:Harness of AC power distribution,Terminal, connector, signal,Wiring harness and connector with low voltage DC,Switching power supply modules, fans, plastic housing components.If these interfaces, cables, power supplies, and bottom cases are not selected,Will cause the LED electronic display to turn black or white in whole or in part. Missing power.Mosaic, no signal, etc.These are also very difficult to maintain, so we pay attention to the production process and reduce the failure rate.

Most of the remaining faults are caused by the following factors:Solder joints on the PCB,Capacitors, terminals, LED lights,Inadequate protection class of cabinet,Causing water leakage,Dust accumulation.External exposed screw rust.
1 In addition, the person who operates the display should have the basic knowledge.With good usage habits, coupled with professional maintenance personnel, it can also reduce the failure rate to a certain extent.