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How to maintain the outdoor LED display?

In the long-term use process,Outdoor LED display, Inevitably, various failures may occur due to factors such as pollution, looseness, vibration, heat, and environmental temperature changes.Affect the normal use of LED display,Even causing serious accidents.Therefore, regular maintenance of the LED display is essential. So what is the main maintenance of the LED display?

First, LED display cleaning

After the LED screen works for a period of time, it will affect the visual viewing effect of the display due to the influence of the external environment. At this time, we can check LED display in two states: Bright and black.Including: whether the display surface is contaminated,The purpose is to remove the effect of surface fouling on luminescence properties; Whether there is any damage crack on the surface of the display;Whether the signal cable and power cable are normal;For equipment with a high degree of protection,Although due to the selection of highly reliable components and connectors,But it leads to its tightness as a key factor.Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the integrity of the seal;For exterior screen steel structures, check the surface paint and rust;For the surface of the outdoor screen, the surface is particularly polluted, and the display surface is also cleaned.

LED display cleaning needs to be done at a high place.A professional cleaning team is required.Cleaning work requires high-altitude sling.Or use a hanging basket.With professional cleaning equipment.Cleaning people according to different dirt on the screen,Choose a different cleaner.This ensures that the LED display is cleaned without damaging the LED tube and mask.
Cleaning fluid selection;Cleaning fluids generally include an electrolyte,High purity distilled water,Antistatic liquid, etc.To choose good quality,In order to effectively clean the dust and other marks on the LED screen.

Cleaning and maintenance :three steps

first step: Vacuuming.Remove dirt and dust from the surface of the display mask.

The second step: wet washing.Be careful not to spray the lotion directly onto the screen.Instead, spray a little cleaning solution onto the cleaning cloth.Wipe gently in the same direction.You can also scrub the lamp cover with a soft brush on the vacuum cleaner.Clean the dirt.

The third step: drying.Use a vacuum cleaner to dry the water marks left after cleaning.Make sure the display mask is clean and free of dust.

daily inspection

daily inspection:Daily inspection and inspection of related display devices,Find hidden dangers and handle them as safely as possible.Generally includes the following four aspects:

Check Internal components and steel structures,When early warning of natural disasters such as weather deterioration,Need to check the stability and safety of the various components of the screen,Especially for small parts of steel structure, if there is any problem, deal with it in time.

In addition, the LED display is a high-power device.After running for quite some time,Due to multiple starts and stops,The terminal of the power supply part is loose due to hot and cold,The contact is not strong, forming a virtual connection, and it will be hot when severe.Even igniting the plastic components next to it.The signal terminals will also be loose due to changes in ambient temperature.Moisture erosion leads to poor contact, which in turn leads to equipment failure.Therefore, the connectors of the LED display must be tightened regularly.When the fasteners are adjusted, the force should be evenly and properly ensured to be strong and effective.

LED Screen power supply system inspection:First check the wiring connections in the distribution box for rust or looseness.For safety, the grounding of the electrical box must be guaranteed. Regularly check the power supply line to avoid line damage.

Inspection of the control system of the LED screen:Regularly check the reliability of the system to ensure its normal operation;Regular inspections are required for all lines and equipment on large screens to avoid accidents.

Inspection of lightning protection facilities:Regularly check the lightning rod and grounding line.The facility should be tested after a thunderstorm and replaced if it is damaged.