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How to Service your led screen

Usually, the price of the LED stage rental screen is very high. After the purchase, the customer hopes to participate in the event as soon as possible and recover the cost. At the same time, try to extend the life of the LED display to generate more revenue.

Product safety and damage resistance

According to the installation environment analysis of the rental screen, Generally, LED screens are mostly hanging or wall mount. With these two installation methods, the weight and safety of the rental screen are highly demanded. Because the rental screen needs to be stacked very high,with hanging way,Therefore, the rental screen must be thin and light. The connection must be firm and reliable, and avoid potential damage to the site personnel due to inadvertent installation.

LED rental screens often need to be transported by car, ship or aircraft. During the transportation process, the corners of the rental screen may be damaged due to bumps. But in order not to affect the use effect, Rental screen should be resistant to damage. This will reduce the damage of electronic components caused by shipping, so as not to affect the normal display function.

Easy installation and disassemble

To ensure the installation of the rental screen of Safety and normal use. General rental screens require a professional installation team. But this will increase the budget cost of the customer. Therefore, manufacturers should design products from the perspective of easy installation and disassembly. It is easy for all installers to assemble and disassemble the rental screen. Reduce customer installation labor costs and improve installation efficiency.

Quick replacement and repair

When the rental screen has a partial malfunction. It is necessary to change quickly and ensure that the performance is normal.

How to maintain the LED stage rental screen

Regular maintenance. Every time the LED display is used, every box is wiped clean. Places that may be rusted are painted with waste engine oil. In the past few years, the display screen is guaranteed to be similar to the new one.

The threat of dust cannot be ignored, Working in a dusty environment, Since the PCB absorbs dust, The deposition of dust will affect the heat dissipation of electronic components. Will cause the component temperature to rise,In turn, thermal stability is reduced or even leakage occurs. In severe cases, it will cause burns.Dust also absorbs moisture.This corrodes the electronic circuit, causing some short-circuit problems that are difficult to check. Therefore, pay attention to keep the studio clean, avoid dust, and prepare in advance.

temperature control.The stage LED display is mainly composed of a control board, a switching power supply, and a light-emitting component. The life and stability of all these components are closely related to the operating temperature. If the actual working temperature exceeds the scope of use specified by the product, not only will its life be shortened, but the product itself will also be severely damaged. .

Staff have insufficient knowledge of the maintenance of LED display equipment. These conditions caused the display to be violently assembled and disassembled at the site. Caused the corner lights to be knocked out, Or the mask at the corners is tilted up by bumps. It is recommended to strengthen staff training when there are not many activities. Improve employee literacy and efficiency of activity building