Traffic LED display

Outdoor Traffic LED display with High brightness LED display

Product features


High brightness

Brightness can do  7500nits, 8000nits, 10000nits

High quality raw-material, Aluminum cabinet.

ultra light weight, each m2 only 38KG with 2 layer door.

Energy saving and cost saving

Compare with SMD design.

Power saving by 30%

Available module: P10 DIP, P16DIP, P20 DIP

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remote monitoring

Real time monitoring, control and supervision
Brightness monitoring
Humidity monitoring
pixel-to-pixel monitoring
Fan monitoring
Door monitoring

2 layer door protection, guarantee safety

Fearless of high-speed winds

IP65 protection level

Multiple cabinet size to choose

800x1280mm, 1280x1280mm, 960x960mm etc

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High brightness

Traffic LED display Adopting RGB module, with low power consumption and high brightness

High quality raw materials, more stable, longer lifespan, low light attenuation, and high brightness


Suitable for displaying traffic information on highways, desert roads, coastal roads, urban expressways, and other large screens

More case picture

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Pixel Pitch(mm)P10P16P20
Module size160X160MM256X256MM320X160MM
Scanstatic state
Viewing Angle(H./V.)120°/120°
Gray Scale(Bit)16
Fresh rate(Hz)1920-3840
Working VoltageAC:100V~240V
 Operating Temp-10℃~+50
Humidity Range10%~90%RH

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