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LED Advertising screen

LED Advertising screen from 3RGBLED

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led Advertising screen from 3RGBLED, has IP65, IP68 high protection level,  brightness from 5500nit-10000nits adjustable brightness.  Also 3RGBLED always provide flexible solutions.

Outdoor LED Advertising screen recommendation

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 Outdoor FXI LED Advertising screen

cabinet size: 500x1000mm

Application:  Shopping mall LED screen

              Billboard LED screen

                 Perimeter LED Display

        Mobile LED Displa

 3D LED Screen

   More details 

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Outdoor FXI LED Advertising screen

Module size: 250x250mm

Each cabinet only 30KG

Light weight, Ultra thin

curve for 3D LED Display

 More details


LED Advertising screen from 3RGBLED, Detection steps Before shipment

First: Module Test more than 24 hours

Second: cabinet test more than 48 hours

Before packing, 3RGBLED QC department test all cabinets again,  make sure All LED screen 100% prefect

Furthermore, We support Video inspection. So, We have reasons to believe (that) the product from 3RGBLED with high quality and A trustworthy partner

Advertising LED screen Application

 LED Advertising screen插图3

Outdoor LED Billboard screen

For outdoor LED display, Billboard LED screen very popular.  Moreover It can also bring High investment returns to customers, So Billboard LED screen It is a very common installation method.
For the size of billboard LED screen: In the fact, each city has different law, So client need check the LED display size on the baise of City related regulations


 LED Advertising screen插图4

 Mobile LED display

For mobile LED display, One of the widest ways to promote.  Mobile LED screen,  It can be driven to different places. and  It can not only play advertisements but also be used for stage events, parades, festivals and other events.
The common mobile LED screen size:
1: 6x4m
2. 4x3m
Mobile LED screen can do one side and double side, also 3 sides. For this reason, Mobile LED screen Highly popular with customers
 LED Advertising screen插图5

 Shopping Mall LED screen

These Shopping Mall LED screen, which have super large sizes and powerful visual performances. It can better attract customers to visit the mall. therefore Most Shopping malls will install LED display on their exterior walls
Some shopping malls has high requirments of the LED cabinet weight, therefore the light weight and ultra thin LED cabinet are the important Key
3RGBLED Outdoor FXI and Outdoor FIXII with light weight and ultra Thin function



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Why Best Advertising LED Display from 3RGBLED

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Our Team

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Our certificate

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Product line

3RGBLED work team has over 10 years of experience in the field of LED displays. Therefore, For the customs project,  Our teams can provide quick and precise solutions.  Besides, For after-service,  We usually provide 7/24 hours after service. For this reason, 3RGBLED will Help client save cost and time, furthermore will help client get Rich investment

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